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Tajin Seasoning

Tajin Seasoning

Add a zing with Tajin !
This delicious chilli powder seasoning is made with dehydrated lime and salt to add a hot and refreshing spice to any meal. 
Why not try it on fruit & veg crudités for a healthy snack, sprinkle over seafood, meats & poultry, salads, eggs, popcorn and other meals such as pasta dishes?
An essential addition to your spice cupboard.
Very hard to find in the UK until now!

Ingredients: Chilli peppers, sea salt, citric acid, dehydrated lime juice, silicon dioxide (to prevent caking).

Nutritional information (per 100g) 
Total Fat:13.6g
Of which Saturates:3.3g
Total Carbohydrate:20.7g
Of Which Sugars:2g

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