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Serranos Enteros  220g

Serranos Enteros 220g

Serrano chillies are a hot chilli pepper used in Pico de Gallo. They originate from the Mexican states of Hidalgo & Puebla.

Serrano is a hot chilli pepper and not suitable for drying due to its meaty flesh. Most commonly used in sauces and salsas. You can roast them and chop them to add heat to dishes such as Huevos Rancheros or use them raw in Pico de Gallo.

Serrano chilli peppers do not require roasting or peeling before you can use them in sauces, salsas or salads. Simply slice and add to the recipe. For most Mexican sauces, however, serrano chilli peppers are roasted before adding to the recipe, though they do not require peeling. Remember that when slicing and handling hot peppers, you may wish to wear thin plastic and latex gloves to prevent skin irritation.

Ingredients: Serrano peppers, water, vinegar, carrot, onion, iodized salt, soybean oil, and spices
Allergens: Contains soybean oil

Suitable for: Vegetarians
Nutritional information (per 100g) 
- of which saturates:0.1g
-of which sugars:2.6g
Dietary Fibre:0g
Salt: 3.7g

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