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Chilli Gold Smoked Chilli mash

Chilli Gold Smoked Chilli mash

Try it, you'll love it. Add to soup, stir fries, salad dressings, pasta, sauces and casseroles can also be used as a relish. Made with the love and passion of all things hot. From chillies grown and made in St. Albans. 
Heat level: hot 

Red capsicum, rapeseed oil, chillies, garlic, sea salt 

Typical values                                      per tablespoon
Energy                                                     32kcal
Fat                                                              2.8g
of which saturates                              0.2g
Carbohydrates                                     1.2g
of which sugars                                    0.5g
Dietary fibre                                           0.2g
Protein                                                      0.3g
Salt                                                             138mg
Calcium                                                     3mg
Potassium                                                36mg

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