Dried Bhut Jolokia Chillies

Dried Bhut Jolokia Chillies


The Bhut Jolokia (a.k.a. Naga Jolokia or Ghost) was the first chilli to be measured at over 1 million Scoville units - the first of the 'super' chillies. At that heat rating, they are 4 times hotter than the average Habanero or Scotch Bonnet but with the same fruity flavour.

Please note: these chillies are imported from Assam, India.

These chillies are very, very hot. We recommend taking precautions when handling them: avoid contact with eyes, wear gloves at all times when handling and wear a dust/vapour mask if you are grinding or rehydrating and reducing to a paste.

Being three times hotter than an Orange Habanero, our suggestion for cooking with these chillies is to use a small amount to start with.

10g bag (about 7 pods)

Heat level: 10/10

Must be cooked before eating.