Trodden Black Beetroot Dead Hot Sauce

Trodden Black Beetroot Dead Hot Sauce


Who said beetroot was boring? Beetroot is a complex wee hottie with an earthy aromatic flavour and a good amount of spice. Fantastic with cheese on toast and pasta!

“This looks absolutely stunning in the jar. It is rich, thick , sparklingly glossy, deep purple and has a beautiful rich beetroot earthy aroma. On tasting the texture is fabulous and we do get the beetroot but we wonder if the vinegar is just a fraction too sharp as it detracts from the naturally sweet character of the vegetable. That said hot chilli sauces tend to be on the sharp side so for that reason and as it is a lovely thing, we think it worthy of a high award." - Guild of Fine Food

When Trodden Black make their sauces they keep waste to a minimum, taking their time to make each batch as tasty as the last. No waste, no haste, all taste!


Vegan friendly.

Heat level: Hot

Handmade in Dollar, Scotland

Ingredients: beetroot, red wine vinegar, bird's eye chilli, garlic, brown sugar, salt, ground cayenne, peppercorn, coriander.