Terra Rossa Zhoug Green Harissa

Terra Rossa Zhoug Green Harissa


Terra Rossa brings you a delicious range of Great Taste Award- Winning products of UK-made Arabian sauces, relishes and spreads infused with a wide range of Jordanian, Palestinian and Lebanese ingredients.

These versatile sauces simply transform the taste of anything they touch. They are ready to eat straight from the jar with fresh bread or crudité, as a stir-through or marinade ,as toppings for any fresh dip and shared with friends as part of a Mezze.

Zhoug Green Harissa

• This salsa is based on a Yemenite recipe and is often referred to as the cousin of red harissa.

• It’s made mainly with fresh green chillies, large bundles of fresh herbs such as coriander, parsley and mint, with ginger and rose water for that delicate yet fiery zingy flavour.

• It is exceedingly good for marinating fish. Simply score the fish and spoon the Zhoug inside the grooves, drizzle with olive oil and spray with water, wrap with foil to make a basket and cook as desired.

• Zhoug adds a refreshingly pleasant kick to sour cream, cottage cheese, mayonnaise, guacamole, beetroot dip and taramasalata.

• It’s delicious used as a dressing especially when mixed with basil olive oil and drizzled over new potatoes, brussel sprouts, leafy greens and vegetables such runner beans, peas, zucchini and asparagus.


Ingredients: Chillies, Parsley, Coriander, CELERY, CUCUMBER, Courgette, Spring Onion, GARLIC, Fennel, Red Onions, Pomegranate & Date Molasses, Rose Water, Lemon Juice, Lime Juice, Sugar, Tamarind, Lemon Zest, Mint, Aniseed, Cardamom, Ginger, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Salt & Pepper.