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Pico Green Chilli Sauce

Pico Green Chilli Sauce


Pico Green Chilli Sauce

Most parts of India wait for their chillies to ripen into a deep, fiery red before using them. But in Maharashtra, people tend to go for them raw, when they are bright green and have a certain fresh crunchiness to them, like a spicy stick of celery. It's a different kind of spiciness, and one that we feel is massively under appreciated in the chilli sauce world. Use this like a standard chilli sauce - basically on top of everything you're eating!


Heat Level: 3/5

Vegan friendly

Ingredients: Water, Green Chillies (23.7%), Sugar, Salt, Garlic, Spices, Acidity regulator (Acetic acid) Thickening agent (xanthan gum), Preservative (sodium benzoate)

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