Papa Waldi's Damn Fine Sauces

Papa Waldi's Damn Fine Sauces

Papa Waldi’s Original 
Your quintessential add to everything sauce. It really does work with everything, dipping, pouring, marinade, you name it. It has a full honest flavour, the combination of mixed fruit and vegetable. A sweetness that undercuts its heat making it what it is. Your go to sauce.

Papa Waldi’s Naga
A rich fruity sauce with the unmissable flavour and kick of the highly addictive Naga chilli. Not for the faint hearted. Once you acclimatise to the warmth the flavour shines through.

Papa from day 1 refused to use any additives or preservatives, you may sometimes find a heat difference in the sauces, this is due to the fact the only thing in the production cycle you cannot control is the natural heat of comparative chillies .

Vegan & Vegetarian friendly

Ingredients (Original) : mixed chillies, mixed veg & fruit, vinegar, sugar
Ingredients (Naga) : naga chillies 7.5% mixed veg & fruit, vinegar, sugar