Natural Edible Dead Sea Salt

Natural Edible Dead Sea Salt


This high quality edible Dead Sea Salt is the result of natural condensation for thousands of years from a unique area located 400m below sea level in the Jordan Valley. Characterized by hot temperatures, very clean dry air, plenty of sunshine, and little precipitation, the natural waters of the Dead Sea produces pure salt crystals that contain a high concentration of more than 21 healthful minerals - making it 10 times higher than any regular salt.

The salt is extracted by pumping water from the Dead Sea into solar pools that are sun dried and are monitored by satellite in order to find when the salt is ready to be harvested. The bromide in the salt is then separated out from the salt crystals before being washed.

The finished product is a non-ionised and smooth flavoured salt that is not only rich with important minerals such as calcium, iron, potassium and magnesium that boosts human health, it is ideal for seasoning, pickling, preserving and finishing touches that bring out the flavours of any dish from salads and vegetables to meat, poultry and fish.


Ingredients: Pure Dead Sea Salt Crystals