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Chili Maven Salsa Macha - Mild & Smoky

Chili Maven Salsa Macha - Mild & Smoky


Experience the amazing flavours of authentic Mexican salsa macha, the most versatile condiment you’ll ever have. This smoky combination of Mexican dried chillies and seeds add an explosion of flavour to your meal. From steak to veggies, baked beans and cheese, salsa macha is the condiment that goes with everything!

Great Taste Award 1 Star Winner 2022

National Chilli Awards 2023 Gold Winner - "Inviting, rich, smoky aroma along with a deep, luring colour. Perfect bitterness and creaminess with great depth from the selection of chillies used alongside the seed blend. Lovely texture and the oil has taken on the flavour brilliantly. An excellent example of the product style."

Drizzle, dip, smother, spread or marinade to enhance anything from a burger to baked beans! Mix well before use.


Ingredients: Vegetable Oil, Mexican dried chillies (27%), Sesame Seeds (5%), Sunflower Seeds (5%), Pumpkin Seeds (5%), Salt (4%), Garlic (3%)

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